Hi World and Viewer!

Jake Belknap here, the jaunter himself! This page has just a bit of information about me and hopefully some useful links. **crosses fingers**

I wanted to see the world outside my city which took me 1.5 hours outside my hometown to Michigan State University. After that, I stepped up my game moving to LA to work at a non-profit. I learned a lot about the world and myself while there, including the wonders of public transportation.

I loved it.

I needed more.

Next came Baltimore for grad school. New friends and much to see there. I had to stay for a second year to start teaching.

Still loving seeing the world.

Teaching brought me back home to Michigan. After a few more years and some great memories, it was time to go all in with writing. I left teaching at the beginning of 2017 and left the country in February.

If I do what I’m supposed to with this blog, you will know the rest.